Summer may be waning, but Texas romance is as scorching as ever!


September, always a month to remember. Temperatures and leaves fall as do reluctant hearts. Whether wholesome or steamy, romance is in the air season after season. 


Christian Romance 

Love is for fools and people aren’t to be trusted… 


Failed-at-love drug enforcement agent John Chavez is a skeptic, a cynic, and, well, a grump. He’s tired of lawbreakers, and he long ago ran out of patience with folks who don’t take responsibility for their actions. So, when the pretty diner waitress who serves him his favorite breakfast combo every week slides into the booth with him and asks for help, John won’t be bothered. Sure, she’s easy on the eyes, but he won’t humor her delusion that the perp—uh, her kid—happens to be the one innocent guy around. 


Fate handed waitress Hollie Carpenter a rough start. Eventually, she landed on her feet, but now, the secure life she’s built for herself and her son is threatened. Desperate, she seeks help from the rude customer—um, stoic DEA agent—who’s been sitting in her section for nearly a year. Turns out, his bark may be worse than his bite, but even his assistance might not be enough. Worse, he sparks to life a dream she long ago laid to rest. 


How can two hearts, wary and wounded, get past the, well, past, and find a future together…a future that will be truly forever? 


Truly Forever, Book 3 of the Really Truly Series, is available from Amazon and is free to borrow for Kindle Unlimited subscribers. 


Kara Eriksson has been churning out engaging, heart-stopping romances for years. She holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Baylor University and lives alongside her husband and two kids in North Texas, in the town where she did most of her growing up. She’s a Texas girl, raised but not born, and in the triple-digit heat of a North Texas summer, dreams of cooler climes and exciting destinations. Some of her stories are actually set in those places, though she has a propensity for writing what she knows—life in a mid-sized Texas town. 


Fake Engagement 

Nadiya Varma has always had her life planned out. Set to take over the reins of her family's multi-billion-dollar business when she turns 30, she's close to completing the deal that will seal her reputation as Houston's most formidable businesswoman. Only two things stand in her way: the board’s insistence that she get married before they give her the position and Dexter Callahan.  


As the line between business and pleasure starts to blur, can they keep things professional, or could their contract of convenience turn into a brand-new work of art? 


Work of Art, Book 4 of the Texas-set The Callahans series, is available from Amazon and is free to borrow with Kindle Unlimited subscription. 


Melody Tyden writes contemporary romance as well as paranormal and fantasy stories, and some historical romance too. She studied journalism at university, but soon learned that she preferred writing about fictional stories rather than real ones. Besides writing, Melody loves musical theatre, history, and travel. She grew up in Canada but currently lives in the UK with her husband and their daughter. 

Maida Malby, true to her Filipino roots, has started celebrating Christmas as soon as the calendar turned to September. Playing festive carols, shopping for gifts, plotting holiday stories. As always, she’s writing, reading, reviewing, and sharing her posts on her website and her social media accounts using her IDs @maidamalby and @maidamalbyauthor. Give her a follow.